Working towards a ONE MKE is a choice to improve and advance the diverse pipeline of talent in our community.  Great things happen when we LIVE UNITED.

- Mary Lou Young

President & CEO 

United Way of Greater Milwaukee

& Waukesha County

ONE MKE means to me is that we come together as a community to better Milwaukee through cultural competencies while supporting each other who are committed to making a difference. In order to become ONE MKE, we need to continue to embrace our community and find people who are passionate, committed, and genuine to make a better Milwaukee. 

Erik Kennedy
ONE MKE Vice Chair

What ONE MKE MEAns to me...

A city that prospers and grows needs to embrace all ethnicities and truly focus on making a better place to live. At ONE MKE we are setting a foundation to achieve such growth!

- Kevin Harper

ONE MKE is a challenge and responsibility.

We can join the disparaging voices that speak negatively of the divide in the city, and complain, or we can contribute to turning things around. We choose the latter. We choose to find tools, be equipped and do our part in building bridges that join forces and raise awareness, so Milwaukee truly can be a greater one Milwaukee. 

- Erickajoy Daniels

ONE MKE means a cohesive, collective approach to public and private sector progress throughout Milwaukee. Every executive and business owner, large or small, should understand the need for a culturally diverse team. The global community has become local. 

- Ebony Ssali

ONE MKE calls together diverse professionals that recognize, celebrate and value the wealth that our individual cultures—and unique world views—bring to strengthen our City. It is a space that believes in the transformative power of relationships and community building to challenge the status quo. 

- Xela Garcia

ONE MKE provides a shining example of racial and ethnic diversity in the composition of their board of directors. They have figured out what seems to be so elusive for many other organizations. I applaud your efforts!"

- Paula H. Penebaker

President & CEO, YWCA Southeast Wisconsin