Our strategy



Cultivate relationships by being the catalyst and hub for cultural competence and leadership development in order to minimize the brain drain and retain home grown talent.

What One MKE Means...

We are uniting the City's talent base, employers, and the community around 3 core objectives:

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Transform the mindset to embrace diversity as more than just an initiative or committee, but a way of life in order to maximize the potential of our city and companies’ bottom line.

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together as ONE.

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Reduce the hyper-segregation and increase the cultural diversity in leadership, board, and appointed positions with effective collaboration across the profit, non-profit, and government sectors.

Working towards a ONE MKE grants the opportunity for a greater understanding, respect, and appreciation of the different cultures that make up this City's rich history.  By collectively increasing our cultural competence only then can we reach our highest potential and eliminate the economic and socioeconomic gaps that exist across cultural groups which in turn renders infinite possibilities to retain a diverse pipeline of talent.


Jasmine Johnson